• Arkaflow
  • Ready For Fun?

    All you need to do is swipe under the ball to catch it.

    Bouncing Ball

    All you need to control is a ball. Use it to break all the Tri-holes and you'll advance into higher levels

    Magic Paddle

    Just a quick swipe underneath the ball, and you will have a magic paddle hitting towards the ball

    Clear the Tri-holes

    Your goal is to knock out all of the tri-holes that are constantly pacing back and forth on the board


    Still sounds easy to you? Try it out and you'll see how challenging it can be with this cool, free, mobile game


    Watch the trailer to see how awesome this action game can be!

    It's Simple, Yet Fun

    Swiping on screen to catch a ball might look simple, but it is indeed challenging.

    Light in Size

    Arkaflow only takes pretty much 3 megabytes of your storage. It's simple, fast, and light.

    Simple Yet Fun

    You don't have to learn any complicated rules to play the game. Simply swipe to draw a paddle and you're ready to go!

    Challenging but Relaxing

    Games are not there to make you stressed out. Arkaflow can be challenging but it's designed to relax you.

    17 Themes Choices

    Tired of the interface being the same everyday? Just go to settings and pick a different color to customize your own Arkaflow.


    Arkaflow is open source under the GPL V3