• Charminder
  • More Than Alarm Clock

    Charminder is your all-in-one personal assistant with reminders, notes, alrams, etc.

    Audio Reminder

    Record your voice and set a Audio Reminder, the time will be automatically detected by your voice recording.

    Event Reminder

    You can put an event to your reminder list and add some note to it. Never forget your important meetings.

    Countdown Reminder

    The Countdown Reminder will be fired after the set time is counted backwards to zero.

    Alarm Reminder

    You can also use this as a regular alarm. The Alarm Reminder will be fired at your set time.

    It's a Personal Assistant

    I might look like a pinwheel with a clock belly, but I can actually remember everything.

    You Can Chat With Me

    If you're bored, just tap on my belly and we can start chatting. You will be taken with my cute personality.

    Hey, how are you today?

    I Can Go Anywhere

    A tap on my belly will bring a cute floating wheel-shaped window on top of your current activity. You won't have to switch between apps to add reminders or notes any more.

    I'm a Transformer

    From a wheel panel to an adoarable smiley face, I can change my shape with beautiful animation. Just a simple tap on my face, and I will have your reminders set. It's easy and fun!

    Download Now!

    Get ready to be taken with my charm!


    Charminder is open source under the GPL V3