• Fijoy Game Engine
  • We Have It All

    All you will ever need to make a game is provided on Fijoy.

    Particle Editor

    With some simple sliders, you can control particle's color, size, speed, lifespan, etc.

    Resource Packer

    Simply drag and drop all the resource files into the packer, and you will have them packed into a single file.

    Texture Effects

    You can do anything with a texture by the simplest code.

    Color Mapping

    With 3 lines of code, you can invert image colors or do any cool effects on a texture.

    3D Scaling

    Scale your texture in a 3-dimensional world and give it a stunning new look.

    Blending Mode

    More than 3 preset blending modes are provided for you to style your texture.

    It's For Free

    Fijoy is an open-source project, so it will always be free to use


    Fijoy doesn't depend on any third party library. It directly calls OpenGL Win32 API. It's super light!


    Most image processing functions are optimized with lower-level assembly language code. It's super fast!

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