Supplement To My Résumé

Code Samples

Most of the code I have published can be found on my GitHub profile.

Hightlights + -
Developed a casual game Arkaflow and published its mobile version on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.
Fijoy Game Engine
Developed an OpenGL-based 2D game engine Fijoy.
RPG Game: Brotherhood of the Jade
Developed an RPG game Brotherhood of the Jade.

Languages and technologies

My most familiar languages are Java and C/C++. I’m also comfortable working with x86 assembly language, SQL and web development languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Examples + -
Created a PNG image optimization tool PNG Optimizer to losslessly reduce the image size without affecting image quality.
Made an Android app Charminder to help manage reminders, alarms and save quick notes, which is later published on Google Play Store.
Designed a socket-based Client-Server multi-player game using Python Tkinter that allows users to play Tic-Tac-Toe online.
X86 Assembly Language
Implemented the RC4 stream cipher in x86 assembly language to boost its performance up to 2.4x faster.
Built my own website where I wrote all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code by hand.

I am a huge believer that open-source operating systems are the OS of the future. I have an Arch-based Linux alongside Windows dual-boot system as my development environment. Software tools that I frequently use for my personal projects include the Eclipse IDE, Android Studio, Sublime Text, Visual Studio, and Git Client SmartGit.

Academic Transcripts

The unofficial transcripts of my college courses are listed below.

AIT + -

Athlone Institute of Technology (also known as AIT) is a higher education institution in the midlands of Ireland. More about AIT, please read here.

Semester 5
Course TitleGrade
Software Development 3.195
Mobile Computing 395
Computer Systems Administration 199
Mathematics 3.184
Digital Signal Processing 363
ECIT + -

East China Institute of Technology (ECIT) is a comprehensive university located in Jiangxi, China. More about ECIT, please read here.

Semester 4
Course TitleGradeCredits
Java Programming974.0
Principles of Operating Systems903.5
Computer Networks & Telecoms644.0
Computer Networks & Telecoms (Course Design)601.0
Computer English722.0
Mathematical Modeling781.0
Semester 3
Course TitleGradeCredits
Relational Database Design954.0
Relational Database (Course Design)1001.0
Computer Architecture934.0
Data Structure & Algorithm Design 944.5
Data Structure & Algorithm (Course Design) 931.0
Probability and Statistics973.5
Linear Algebra912.0
Semester 2
Course TitleGradeCredits
Object-oriented Programming844.5
Object-oriented Programming (Course Design)831.0
VB Programming694.0
Advanced Mathematics II746.0
AutoCAD Computer-aided Design662.5
Semester 1
Course TitleGradeCredits
C Programming955.0
C Programming (Course Design)951.0
Computer Application Basis832.5
Advanced Mathematics I746.0

1) The full mark is 100 for all subjects listed above.
2) To keep it relevant, some subjects are not listed.